Cross Border Accounting Advisor

Who is Katrina Nacci, CPA?

Meet Katrina

After starting my career with PwC in Boston, I picked up my bags and moved to Germany. I wanted exposure to international businesses, and personally wanted to travel and experience new cultures.

A decade later and I am still living & working in Europe, and have made it my personal & professional mission to constantly cross the Atlantic.

I’ve spent this past decade working helping European companies go public in the US, or US companies acquire European companies – and the cross-border IPO readiness/execution or GAAP conversions that go along with those transactions. This included a couple years in Dubai, working on IPOs and debt issuances across the Middle East, as well as into the UK & US. I worked for a North American private equity firm, building their European finance team from scratch as we made acquisitions throughout Europe – I hired a team in Luxembourg, built all processes/procedures/checklists, been involved in reviewing financing, acquisition, investor agreements.

Throughout this time, I’ve always kept my hand on the pulse of what’s going on in US GAAP and capital markets, while working with companies as well in IFRS or local GAAP. I’ve turned my personal mission to see the world into a professional passion to see every topic in the cross-border accounting space that you can imagine.

This, along with my combined big 4 and industry experience, provides a unique combination of skills and experience that are difficult to find in the market – whether you’re trying to find these in house or going to a much larger advisory firm.

I enjoy educating European finance leaders on what it means from an accounting perspective to cross-borders – from complex consolidation and FX issues, to full scope GAAP conversions or US IPOs as a foreign private issuer. I break down complex cross-border topics in a digestible way and work shoulder to shoulder with your team to ensure knowledge transfer of accounting topics to enable the team to bring their day to day roles into an international business setting.

4 Things You Should Know


I've worked for PwC on 3 continents across audit and capital markets & accounting advisory


I have experience both in the big 4 and industry (within private equity)


I'm bilingual in US GAAP and IFRS (I am a US CPA with an IFRS certificate), and have also worked with at least 6 other European statutory GAAPs


I am business fluent in German, and also permanent residency in Germany (working on dual citizenship!)

Brands I’ve Worked With

A sample of organizations and brands I’ve worked with.

My Competitive Advantage…

Cross-border experience from living & working across borders for 10 years

Seasoned knowledge from serving various clients across industries

Specialized in European companies with US accounting & reporting needs

Big 4 experience across audit, capital markets & accounting advisory

Industry experience from building a European PE Finance function from scratch

Early adopter for async/automation tools, investing in scaling client solution

US CPA investing in continuous professional development CPEs

..compared to working with other advisors

Big4/Advisory Firms

  • Cross-border experience requires multiple jurisdiction support = expensive & disjointed communication
  • Lack of industry experience = theoretical vs. practical experience
  • Bloated, top-heavy structures with high overhead = high fees
  • Lack of partner support, mostly junior level client-facing teams

European FTEs

  • Lack of bandwidth to support in addition to day job
  • Lack of specialization in US GAAP and FPI experience
  • Limited experience to benchmark best practices & set up processes/documentation

Other US Freelancers

  • Limited benchmarking from similar FPI experience
  • Lack of experience in cross-border nuances / European GAAP
  • Limited investment in tools, such as
  • Intelligize (SEC benchmarking software, $10K subscription)
  • Inability to read/speak German

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