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GAAP Conversion

Navigating the complexities of a GAAP conversion as a result of acquisition, fundraising, or IPO? Work with a cross-border specialist who can jump seamlessly between stat GAAP/IFRS/US GAAP during this high stakes process. You’ll get pragmatic advice at a fraction the cost of a big ticket advisory firm, thanks to a a piecemeal approach to scope your project. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with an expert allows your team to take advantage of a knowledge transfer on US GAAP specific to your company, so they have the capabilities to manage your sophisticated accounting processes going forward.

IPO Readiness

Getting ready to go public is always daunting, but especially so as a European company looking to IPO in the US and unfamiliar with the SEC jargon or what it means to be a foreign private issuer. You want a cross-border specialist who can hold your hand each step of the way, up to 2 years prior to IPO. Benefit from an expert guiding you through a readiness assessment and then tailoring priorities for which gaps to tackle urgently, and which can wait until you ring the bell.

Ongoing GAAP Advisory

Are you a European CFO facing the daunting ongoing challenge of maintaining US GAAP or IFRS accounting & reporting? Perhaps you’ve got a strong finance team in local GAAP but need help to navigate the complexities of more sophisticated reporting GAAP. Whether that’s practically assessing & implementing a new standard, writing up the accounting conclusions of a transaction or complex position for your auditors, or layering in a fractional Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) to give you constant peace of mind — look no further. Benefit from bespoke, timely assistance without the overhead of traditional advisory firms, to ensure your team remains on task & efficient in the day-to-day.

Ready to accelerate your US stakeholder accounting & reporting requirements?

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